Koinos Group is a team of blockchain veterans who believe
that the space needs a great blockchain-native company with a real business model if we’re going to bring blockchain to the masses
We’re obsessed with giving DEVELOPERS tools they’ll love using to build decentralized applications that PEOPLE love using
Our “secret sauce” is the Koinos blockchain; an evolving and truly decentralized blockchain with ZERO barriers to entry with FREE accounts, FREE transfers, and FREE smart contracts


ICOs create misaligned incentives and centralization. That’s why KOIN was launched as a proof of work mineable token on Ethereum to ensure fairness and maximum decentralization
As the developers of the Steem blockchain, we spent years refining the most advanced fee-less blockchain technology in the world
After Steem, we were disappointed to see that the dominant smart contract platforms all have;
This is clearly holding back blockchain adoption which is key to giving power to the people through decentralization
As the only team with the knowledge and experience needed to build a fee-less blockchain, we felt a responsibility to build a blockchain for common people

That blockchain is Koinos; Ancient Greek for “common.”
We might not be the biggest company, and we might not have massive funding from an ICO, but we believe that a small team of passionate individuals alongside a vibrant, decentralized community, can accomplish anything

Core Values

Developer Obsession
We are obsessed with giving developers the tools they need to build amazing applications, because we are developers too
Everyone should play by the same rules, and no one person or entity should be able to control the direction of the blockchain
Radical Thought
The most disruptive ideas often appear at first glance to be the terrible or embarrassing, which is why we want to create an environment where people feel comfortable proposing radical ideas, even if they ultimately fail
Greed is Bad
Never sacrifice long term value creation, sustainable growth, and the expansion of digital ownership for short term gains
Blockchain to The People
Blockchain must be accessible to everyone, this is why we named ours Koinos which is Ancient Greek for common.
Simple solutions are both more efficient and more accessible because they are easier to understand
We Aren’t Perfect
So we don’t design systems that assume we are